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It's Me...

Symone Monét!

Founder and curator of HALO Image & Energy Consulting! Get to know me a bit more below.

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the halo effect (n): A phenomenon in which your charm or attractiveness influences others to favor you with a positive impression and preferable treatment.

Here at HALO, we take a fresh approach to image consulting. One that taps into your authentic style while digging deep below the surface to rewrite your internal dialogue and transform you into your most confident and magnetic self yet! Other people can feel our energy, and if your inner negativity is bogging down your energy with self doubt, loathing, fear or insecurity, there is no power suit or pair of Louboutins that can cover that up.

It's not just about the's the energy too.  With this dual approach, we can improve how you move throughout the world, how you influence others and call in new, high level opportunities that will change your life for the better.

With our curated courses, in-person or virtual consulting packages and self guided study materials, you have a plethora of ways to reclaim your feminine power and allure. I love how with a specific choice of words, bat of the lashes or  strategic outfit, you can easily create your desired outcome in the real world. This is the halo effect! There is no power, agency or sex appeal being held in your sweatpants and its okay to admit that. The essence of our work is creating a world where women are encouraged to see themselves differently, step into their highest self, and change their lives through a vibrant image and confidence boosting inner work.


Take the chance on you, the time is now. 

My Story.

In recent years I've seen the charm and mystique of the feminine collective wane due to burn out, loss of personal power and general confusion about who we are "supposed" to be. Despite that (and in spite of that) I choose to live a life where things get to be fun, beautiful, fruitful and highly beneficial to me as a result of my deep inner work journey and self investment. And of course a killer sense of style and fashion risk taking. When I truly, shifted my own beliefs about myself and invested in stepping out into the world as my most open, radiant and put together self, that's when the magic happened. People responded to both my inner and outer self, and doors opened for me, relationships blossomed and financial abundance reigned supreme. I realized that I wanted every woman to experience this and be able to attract everything their heart desires.


I have bounced around from careers in philanthropy, advocacy and public relations, but I've always known that I wanted to use my creative gifts to help people 1:1. With fashion, style and design as a constant through-line of my life, I've enjoyed educating myself on color theory, color psychology, makeup techniques, body typing, designers and fashion houses, and so much more. And through my studies of psychology and personal development, I quickly came to realize that all transformations must begin from within. Which is why my brand of image consulting fully merges the worlds of personal styling and personal development to achieve results with longevity. There is a pathway of least resistance and true authenticity that you can ride all the way to your dream life, dream romance, and dream job! You just have to know the cheat codes. And that's where I come in.


 My only question to you is...who do you want to be? 



Symone Monét


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